Multi-Application Automotive Antennas at Their Best

Laird Technologies designs automotive antennas that are applied to private consumer automotive vehicles by OEMs in factory production, or installed by after-market retailers.  These automotive antennas provide services such as infotainment, which includes satellite radio, digital AM/FM radio, and digital television.

Other automotive antennas provide navigation and voice communication, such as Onstar™ and GPS services. Other uses incorporate wireless services, including WiFi, in-vehicle WLAN, and Bluetooth®.

Popular styles include Quad Band, Multi-function module, AM/FM short whip, embedded BT antenna, Stealth GSM and GPS antenna, and the TPM antenna.

The antenna housings can hold different automotive antennas designed for different functions, enabling multi-antennas with multi-functions within one convenient module.

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Satellite Radio Antennas

Automotive Satellite Radio Antennas

aird Technologies is a leading satellite radio antenna designer that holds several patents for innovative technologies. Vast antenna and RF front-end expertise enables the implementation and roll-out of major satellite radio antenna systems. …


Combination Antennas

Automotive Combination Antennas

Automotive combination antennas incorporate taking the antennas of different applications and placing them into one convenient housing.
Established in-market presence and innovative molding techniques, with verified platforms and a variety of connection options, adds to the reputation for reliability with any application and in any environment for these antennas. …


GPS Antennas

Automotive GPS Antennas

Specialized GPS antennas receive WiFi signals that continuously update the position of a travelling vehicle.


Cellular Antennas

Automotive Cellular Antennas

Cellular antennas allow multiple WiFi applications to operate at the same time by placing different antennas in one housing. …


Smart Antennas

Automotive Smart Antennas

Laird Technologies is the world leader in the design and manufacture of smart antennas for the automotive industry. By integrating multiple RF and other functionalities into compact form factors, the company delivers numerous designs to fit any application.


Other Antennas

Other Automotive Antennas & Electronics

Laird Technologies designs and manufactures a diverse number of antenna styles that can be mounted to any vehicle for use in a multitude of applications.


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