Laird Technologies Laird Introduces Tgard™ 400 Thermally Conductive Insulator

New product reduces electrical shorts

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October 28, 2013 – Adding to the value of their thermally conductive insulator product line, Laird, a global technology company, today announced the release of Tgard™ 400. Designed for use in the industrial, telecommunications and automotive industries, Tgard 400 is a high performance thermal insulator pad consisting of ceramic-filled silicone coated on electrical grade fiberglass, which provides increased reliability in electrical insulation and thermal conductivity.  

Tgard 400 offers the highest cut-through resistance in the Tgard product line. The unique formulation prevents cut-through damage or punctures which can lead to electrical shorts when pressured between mating parts. Tgard 400 also features the highest resistance to torque force, which prevents surface damage or cracks in screw mounted applications.  

Industry analysts expect the electronic thermal management market to grow to $8.6 billion by 2015 largely due to the Increased use of mobile devices and miniaturized microprocessors in electronics. With the rise of these smaller devices, thermal management becomes even more important due to tighter space requirements and higher power outputs.   

“Laird is a leader in thermal management solutions. We offer a wide variety of products to address a range of thermal issues,” said Derrick Ho, product manager for Laird. “Tgard 400 is another example of Laird’s expertise in the thermal area as it offers superior performance and lower thermal resistance compared to comparable products” 

Tgard 400 offers thermal resistance of 0.63°C-in²/watt(@50psi). It has the benefit of lower junction temperatures, reducing the failure rate of semiconductor packages. Tgard 400 has a typical thickness of 0.23mm (0.009inch) with standard and custom configurations available.  

As an industry leader in high-performance and cost-effective Thermal Management Solutions, Laird provides the knowledge, innovation, and resources to ensure exceptional thermal performance and customer satisfaction for applications in the medical, analytical, telecom, industrial, and consumer markets. 

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