Standard RCC Products Offer Customers a Quick Alternative to BeCu Part


Laird Technologies, a global leader of critical components and systems for advanced electronics and wireless products, today announced that its top 31 most popular fingerstock standard products made from Recyclable Clean Copper (RCC) are now available within two business days or less.

RCC products offer similar performance characteristics to beryllium copper (BeCu) products and will work in 80 percent of all applications where BeCu is now used. RCC products do not contain beryllium giving customers, who want to avoid the use of beryllium containing metals and who wish to avoid certain price increases, a choice in alloy selections. The new metal alloy that Laird Technologies’ utilizes comes from two different reliable sources – one in Europe and one in Asia.

Laird Technologies’ RCC products are copper-based shielding gaskets that offer a beryllium-free EMI shielding solution for use in a wide range of slotted applications.

RCC material provides better stress relaxation properties than many other solutions which customers have reported to because they have so few alloy choices. RCC’s excellent stress relaxation properties allow it to maintain pressure longer at the contact points resulting in higher end product quality and longer system life spans in multiple industry applications.

“Our goal is to meet our customer’s needs by giving them a choice in alloy selection and offering products they want, quickly,” said Paul Stus, global business director for the EMI strategic business group. “We took the 31 most popular standard fingerstock parts constructed from RCC and made them available in two days or less. Not only do our customers have an alternative to beryllium, they have the convenience of receiving the products right away saving time and money. Additionally, with one of our distribution partners, Sager Electronics, we increase the availability and service levels for these types of parts.  The products can be purchased through Sager.

RCC parts are ideal for customers in several industries including telecom, automotive, computer and storage, handsets, medical instrumentation and power supplies. Prices range from 15 cents to more than $4.80 each with an average sales price between 45 and 79 cents. These prices compare favorably to current BeCu pricing and become even more advantageous as the overall cost for BeCu increases.

About Laird Technologies, Inc. 

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