State-of-the-Art Antenna Eliminates the Need for Corded Headset to Listen to FM Radio or Use FM Re-Transmission


Laird Technologies, the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of antenna solutions, electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding products, telematics, thermal management solutions, wireless systems and signal integrity products, today introduces its RadioAnt™ antenna. This leading edge technology provides an FM antenna solution that can be incorporated directly inside a handset device, offering improved performance, minimal size, ease of installation and low cost. 

Handset developers continue to promote more features and benefits into their devices to meet consumer demand, such as the addition of FM radio. However, a better FM antenna was needed because the existing solution consisted of the antenna being incorporated within a long and unwieldy headset cord that performed the dual function of being both the FM antenna and the ear piece listening accessory.

“The quality of this solution was not optimal and negatively affected the user experience, “says Craig Somach, director of sales. “Reception could be marginal and it did not allow use of the ever popular Bluetooth earpiece.”

Laird Technologies’ RadioAnt™ antenna is a leading edge miniature internal antenna circuit providing the combination of FM, impedance matching and signal amplification. The internal active FM antenna circuit provides performance similar to or better than a passive corded headset. The shape and size of the radiating element is small and customized to each device, while the size of the mating ASIC is less than 6 x 6 mm. This antenna eliminates the need for a corded headset extending from a handset to enable FM reception and it allows the use of a Bluetooth wireless earpiece for personalized FM radio reception or use of the handset’s speakerphone option to provide an external FM experience.

The RadioAnt™ is a high performance antenna operating across the entire FM frequency range of 88 – 108 MHz. The improved SNR found versus the external headset cord can increase the number of available channels and offer better reception. 50 ohms or a customized impedance is available.

Besides FM radio, the use of RadioAnt™ greatly improves the user experience when devices such as MP3 and satellite radio players are operated in conjunction with an FM re-transmission method.

The RadioAnt™ is ideal for handsets, gaming devices, consumer devices and wearable wireless. Production volumes will be available in Q2 2007. The price for a RadioAnt™ solution will range from $.50 to $2.00 depending on the level of customization required.

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