Acquisition Helps Build Thermoelectric Module Product Line


Laird Technologies, the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of antenna solutions, electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding products, telematics and thermal management solutions, today announced the acquisition of Coollab AB, which trades as “Supercool” .  Sales revenues for 2006 are expected to be $11m.

Supercool is a leading provider of custom designed thermoelectric based assemblies which are used in thermal management applications across a wide range of markets. These products integrate thermoelectric modules, temperature control systems, heat exchangers, external packaging and, in some cases, fans or pumps to provide a complete thermal management system to their customers. Supercool’s products are used in a diverse range of applications in the telecommunications, medical, food & beverage, electronics and automotive industries.

“With our acquisition of Melcor last year, we established a capability in design and manufacture of thermoelectric modules, which are the engines to pull heat from sensitive electronic devices, and to a lesser extent capabilities in design of the final products in which these thermoelectric modules are used,” said Martin Rapp, CEO of Laird Technologies.  “With Supercool, we now have greatly enhanced capabilities in offering full cooling systems to our customers around the world.”

“Supercool developed very well by focusing on adding value in our thermal management products,” said Pavel Cech, Chairman of Supercool, “and I am confident that access to the global footprint of Laird Technologies will result in enhanced sales growth and opportunities to launch a wider range of innovative cooling products.”

Supercool is headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden and has a business development center in San Rafael, California. The company’s sales are concentrated in Europe but sales growth is most rapid in North America.

About Laird Technologies, Inc. 

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