Low Profile Antennas Offer Excellent Communications Functionality on Interior and Exterior Applications


Antenex (a unit of Laird Technologies), a designer and manufacturer of premier wireless communication antennas, introduced today its Tri-Band Internal and External Mercury™ GPS Antennas offering low profile designs and tri-band functionality.

Tri-band technology combines AMPS, PCS and GPS frequencies and features 3.5 dBi gain on the AMPS and PCS bands. The combination of voice, data and location communications is ideal for fleet tracking, theft protection and self-diagnostic systems.

The Internal Mercury Antenna measures approximately 1/2 inch tall, five inches long and 2 1/2 inches wide, making it ideal for interior mount on dashboards or rear decks and allowing it to be easily transferred between vehicles. The housing is constructed of Cycoloy, a rugged material that enhances the life of the product.

The External Mercury Antenna is approximately 3/4 inch tall, 5 1/2 inches long and five inches wide, offering an excellent solution for taller trucks, trailers and other vehicles that need to consider the height restrictions of overpasses and other covered areas.  The antenna’s PC/ABS weatherproof housing allows the product to perform well even in extreme conditions.

“The market continues to demand increased performance along with miniaturization,” said Craig Somach, sales director, Laird Technologies. “These mercury antennas meet the market’s needs.”

Both antennas can be easily installed. The low profile design allows the internal antenna to be easily mounted in many covert in-vehicle locations with nylon or plastic screws, Velcro or double-sided tape. The external antenna is available with a magnetic or self-adhesive mount and can be installed on a ground-plane or no ground-plane surface.

These external and internal mercury antennas are available now and are ideal for fleet managers, logistics companies as well as municipal, state, federal and military governmental agencies.

MSRP for the external antenna is $125 and MSRP for the internal antenna is $140.

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