RoHS Compliant Vent Panels Offer Greater Airflow and EMI Protection


Laird Technologies, a leading designer and manufacturer of antenna, electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding, telematics and thermal management solutions, introduced today its newly patented, cost-effective MaxAir™ vent panel product line. The RoHS compliant products provide excellent airflow and EMI protection for electronic enclosures and cabinets used in the military and telecommunications industries.

The nickel-copper plated polycarbonate honeycomb material provides a rigid medium eliminating the need for costly frame designs. This allows for greater airflow through the entire honeycomb surface and ease of installation as a result of its press-to-fit assembly.

“The MaxAir vent product line offers designers a lightweight, environmentally friendly and dent resistant alternative to traditional metal vent panels,” said Sean Honer, product manager, Vent Panels, Laird Technologies. “Laird Technologies is continuing to display its commitment to innovation by being the first company to offer a vent panel that provides superior durability, increased airflow and smoother installation at a competitive price.”

The U.S. patented MaxAir vent panels are available in varying densities of material to meet specific levels of rigidity requirements. UL94 V0 versions also are available. The honeycomb cell size can be one-eighth inch (3.18 mm) or one-fourth inch (6.35 mm) in standard thicknesses of one-fourth inch (6.35 mm) and one-half inch (12.7 mm).

The MaxAir vent panel product line is available now and is priced between 25 and 80 cents per square inch depending on material and design requirements.

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