Laird to Showcase Industrial Portfolio at Mercopar 2013

Including the Launch of a New Remote Control System for Machine Control


September 30, 2013 – Laird, a global technology company, announced it will attend Mercopar 2013, the largest subcontracting and industrial innovation fair in Latin America. Laird will showcase products for industrial automation and material handling that increase productivity and safety and provide a high return on investment. Laird will also launch a new remote control for machine control panels, the SCU32. Mercopar will take place October 1 through 4 at the Festa da Uva Event and Exposition Center in Caxias do Sul, RS, Brazil with Laird exhibiting at booth #L246. 

Laird will demonstrate industrial automation solutions including the SCU32, CT24 and  LRC-L1. The new SCU32, a transmitter control unit, offers redundant hardware and software architecture to provide a safe and reliable radio link for industrial applications and wireless solutions. The unit transmits up to 32 + 4 digital commands and up to 8 analog signals and has customization and versatility benefits that set it apart from competitive remote control systems. It can be combined with various remote control receivers like the CT24, a receiving unit which features stop circuits that monitor output contacts, which in the event of failure, shut down the systems being monitored. The LRC-L1 is a highly versatile remote control transmitter unit that displays important feedback information onto a graphic LCD or via status LEDs. Each of these products is deployable for cranes, hoisting systems and machines.  

“Laird is the only industrial remote control manufacturer located in Brazil. We can provide customers with the best presales advice,” says Mauricio Julio, account manager at Laird. “Mercopar will allow us to showcase our products to our visitors and demonstrate how our solutions can increase productivity, safety and provide a high return on investment.” 

Laird’s Wireless Automation and Control Solutions have helped prevent serious injury while increasing efficiency and productivity by allowing operators to move to a safer location. With more than 65 years of experience in radio frequency products, Laird is one of the largest global manufacturers of industrial radio remote controls. All products are backed by Laird’s worldwide service and support network, which provides service locations throughout the world, as well as a fully trained 24/7 service desk. 

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