Metal Core PCB Offers High Performance and a Competitive Price


Laird Technologies, a global leader of critical components and systems for advanced electronics and wireless products, today announced its new Tlam™ SS LLD, a metal core printed circuit board (MCPCB) laminate for LED applications.  This new environmentally-friendly laminate is designed to keep bright and ultra-bright LED light engines burning brighter, longer and uniformly. 

Laird Technologies’ new Tlam SS LLD features a copper circuit layer and aluminum base plate bonded together with the company’s Tlam LLD dielectric. Tlam SS LLD laminates are processed through standard circuit board manufacturing and assembly processes.

Circuit boards designed with Tlam SS LLD allows LED light engines to last longer than competitive materials, and provides a uniform thermal path for consistent output of LED light strips.  The dielectric’s unique microstructure allows the assembly to withstand thousands of thermal cycles due to CTE mismatch.

“The LED BLU for LCD TVs and street light production will more than triple in 2008,” said Robert Kranz, global product director.  “Laird Technologies has partnered with ITEQ to provide high volume laminate production for these explosive markets.”

Tlam SS LLD is ideal for LED lighting applications, specifically LED BLU for TVs and monitors, as well as light engines for street lights, commercial property safety lighting and general lighting applications.

Laird Technologies has over 15 years experience manufacturing MCPCB laminates. Other products include Tlam 1KA and HTD dielectrics for power and multi-layer applications.

Design samples are available now with mass production beginning in February 2008.

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