Virtual Tool Allows Design Engineers to Download 2D Drawings and 3D Models in All Conventional CAD Formats


Laird Technologies, a global leader of critical components and systems for advanced electronics and wireless products, announced its new Virtual Design Tool for Fabric-over-Foam EMI shielding gasket products. The new web-based tool offers customers an interactive online catalog that allows users to easily configure, view and seamlessly download 2D drawings and 3D models directly into their designs in all conventional CAD formats.

Laird Technologies’ Virtual Design Tool is ideal for design engineers because users can configure Fabric-over-Foam EMI shielding gaskets using the tool’s drop-down menus and then immediately download a CAD file.  The tool ties directly to the company’s EMI Essentials catalog so users have access to many of the standard Fabric-over-Foam EMI shielding gaskets listed in the catalog. The tool also allows customers the capability to request a quote for any Fabric-over-Foam EMI shielding gasket that is configured and downloaded.

“One of the great things about this web-based tool is that it eliminates the time-consuming process of searching through a paper catalog for the correct part number and then modeling the identified part from scratch,” said Sean Honer, Fabric-Over-Foam product manager. “The tool streamlines a process that took one to two hours to a few minutes allowing the design engineer at the customer to complete their designs faster.” 

Customers worldwide have access to the online tool and can configure the parts in either metric or English measurements. The tool is available now by accessing

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