Antenna Designed to Strict Pattern Specifications Resulting in Trouble-Free Wireless Network and Improved Customer Satisfaction


Laird Technologies, a global leader of critical components and systems for advanced electronics and wireless products, today introduced its new 2.5GHz 65-Degree Dual Slant 45 WiMax Base Station Antenna. The company designed the antenna to be fully compliant with the ETSI EN 301.525 CS pattern specifications resulting in consistent and reliable antenna performance.

“By utilizing state-of-the-art, proprietary, antenna design tools, Laird Technologies designed the 2.5 GHz 65-Degree Dual Slant 45 Antenna to be fully compliant with ETSI pattern specifications,” said Tinu Oza, product manager. “This provides the user with predictable and consistent antenna performance, which helps the operator create a trouble-free wireless network. Ultimately, this results in improved customer satisfaction.”

Laird Technologies’ new leading-edge antenna operates across the 2.3 – 2.7 GHz frequency band. It also features a 65-degree half power beamwidth and 17 dBi gain in a compact package. The maximum null fill (-25 degree) feature insures consistent signal level throughout the wireless coverage area. Well controlled upper sidelobes reduce interference and the antenna includes a stable tilt bracket system that accommodates up to four-inch diameter mounting poles.

Laird Technologies’ new 65-Degree Dual slant 45 WiMax Base Station Antenna is available for $362.53 US MSRP.

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