State-of-the-Art Antennas Meet the Strictest ETSI TS4 and TS5 Specifications, Helping to Minimize Interference


Laird Technologies, a global leader of critical components and systems for advanced electronics and wireless products, today introduced its new wide band solid parabolic dish antenna line.

These new wide band dish antennas are state-of-the-art antennas featuring antenna patterns which meet ETSI EN 302 085 TS4, TS5  and EN 300 833 Class 1 specifications, the most stringent specifications for point-to-point backhaul antennas, which helps to minimize interference in the signal.

“These antennas are an exciting addition to the backhaul antenna line because they are designed so that all the microwave energy is concentrated in the main beam, making them less prone to receiving interference from external sources,” said Scott Parsons, product director. “This results in higher bandwidth and trouble-free, longer distance data links.”

Laird Technologies’ new wide band solid dish antennas are available in single polarity, operating in the 4.9 to 5.8 GHz frequency range and dual polarity, operating in the 5.1 – 5.8 GHz frequencies.

The single polarized version can be mounted for either vertical or horizontal polarization. The dual polarized version is ideal for the systems which can utilize dual polarization to increase bandwidth or implement diversity.

The dishes come standard with N Female integrated connectors. An optional fiberglass radome is available for added environmental protection.

These antennas have wide ranging applications in many different wireless systems including WISP, cellular, BWA and WiMax backhauls.

Model number and MSRP pricing are as follows:

HDDA5W: 4940 – 5850 MHz 29 dBi solid dish single pol antenna, $212.95

HDDA5W-29-DP: 5150 – 5850 MHz 29 dBi solid dish dual pol antenna, $265.95

HDDA5W-32: 4940 – 5850 MHz 32 dBi solid dish single pol antenna, $304.95

HDDA5W – 32-DP: 5150 – 5850 MHz 32 dBi solid dish dual pol antenna $339.95

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