Laird Technologies' and ITEQ Corporation's Distribution and Lamination Agreement Focuses on Core Strengths While Leveraging Resources


Laird Technologies, a global leader of critical components and systems for advanced electronics and wireless products, today announced that it signed a distribution and lamination agreement with ITEQ Corporation. The combined resources of ITEQ and Laird Technologies uniquely positions both companies to supply solutions to the growing LED based BLUs for LCD Flat Panel Display.

The agreement gives Laird Technologies access to ITEQ’s high volume lamination capabilities and AP distribution and gives ITEQ access to Laird Technologies’ high performance Tlam™ materials.

The LED based BLUs for large screen LCD TVs market is exploding. Many market analysts are predicting huge growth for the market over the next three years. Laird Technologies’ Tlam™ high performance materials are important to this growing market because the brightness and color of an LED degrades as temperature increases. For example, red can lose 50 percent of its luminance with higher temperature. Laird Technologies’ Tlam material allows heat to pass out of LED devices more efficiently.

Tlam™ thermally conductive printed circuit boards (IMPCB™) use Tpreg™, a free standing thermally conductive dielectric sheet, in conjunction with copper foil and an integrated metal base to provide circuit board laminate that has superior thermal management capabilities when compared to conventional FR4-based PCB.

Michael Dreyer, Laird Technologies’ vice president and general manager of the thermal strategic business unit, said, “This agreement seemed like a natural fit. The relationship allows both companies to concentrate on what we do best to meet the growing demand for IMPCB laminates in LED based BLU.”

“We are happy with this agreement,” said Dr. Hae-Wei Wan, ITEQ Chairman. “We all recognize the importance of the LED BLU for LCD TV market and are pleased to be providing solutions to the market with another known industry leader.”

ITEQ Corporation specializes in inner-layer technology and is a rising star among laminate, inner-layer processing and mass lamination.

The agreement is being announced on Tuesday, August 14, 2007 at a media event in Taipei, Taiwan.

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