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Mobile Device Antennas, Device and Smartphone EMI Shielding and More

When it comes to high-performance device components, manufacturers around the world rely on Laird for design, engineering, and manufacturing excellence.

Laird’ experience and expertise are unmatched in device antennas.  We have developed more than 1,500 antenna designs and have supplied more than one billion cellular device antennas around the world.  We have solutions for all types of devices and can supply them as separate units or integral parts of larger assemblies.

Our mechanically-integrated antennas expand our speaker box capabilities. Laird offers the highest level of antenna integration for the most complex and fashionable mobile devices.

By combining semiconductors and filter structures with antenna technology, Laird’ smart device antennas provide superior performance.  Our antennas work with device electronics to optimize RF performance “on the fly” in response to network needs, changing environments, and signal quality.

External, retractable antennas provide exceptional clarity and can be equipped for single-, dual-, or tri-band receivers.  Dimensions, widths, colors, sizes and design elements can all be customized by our design teams.

Laird also designs and manufactures a wide variety of mechanisms, EMI solutions, visual metals and converted components for devices. 

As the world leader in board-level EMI products, we provide solutions for hundreds of mobile device platforms and produce hundreds of millions of custom, high-precision parts per year.

In decorative metals applications, we combine our world-class precision metals capabilities with state-of-the-art coatings and finishes to help device designers differentiate their products in the marketplace.  From bezels to speaker grilles and any other visual part, Laird can apply over a dozen processes including PVD, painting, and anodizing on a variety of metals.

Laird has decades of experience with precision die-cutting, laminating, forming, and assembly.  Using all these capabilities and more, we deliver high-volume precision components such as decorative and informative labels, adhesives, and combination parts to lower production costs and add value to mobile products.

From design and engineering expertise to manufacturing capacity, Laird helps you produce devices that deliver success.

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