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Laird provides EMI, thermal, and antenna solutions to a wide variety of consumer device applications, with key markets including flat panel televisions and displays, gaming devices, as well as many portable electronic devices like portable GPS and music players.

For flat panel TVs and displays, Laird provides Fabric-over-Foam EMI gaskets, thermal interface materials, thermally conductive PCBs and heat spreaders (hardware, metals) used on memory chips and other electronic components.  We also provide ferrite cable cores used to suppress conducted noise in power and other cables.  In some cases board-level ferrite EMI solutions such as chip beads, inductors, and other ferrite components for signal line noise suppression are provided.  We also provide highly-engineered RF absorber materials that are used on top of boards and chipsets to reduce noise emissions.

For gaming devices, Laird provides board-level shields, metals, Fabric-over-Foam, thermal interface materials (especially phase change for hot processor chips), heat sinks, spring clips (hardware, metals) and, in the most advanced processor boards, thermoelectric coolers to cool very hot processors, as well as graphics chips running at very high speeds with high power dissipation.  In addition, we provide antenna solutions for wireless gaming devices, such as WiFi adaptors.  Laird also provides RF absorber and ferrite EMI solutions, as well as ferrite cable cores used in power and data cables.

In addition to state-of-the-art TVs and gaming devices, Laird also provides advanced components for portable music players and other portable devices like GPS receivers and navigation units.

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