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Laird is the global leader in automotive antenna solutions, with state-of-the-art designs for applications including satellite radio, GPS, cellular, AM/FM, on-glass, amplifiers, Bluetooth, DAB and many more.  We make custom-engineered products for OEM, Tier 1, aftermarket/consumer and commercial customers, as well as off-the-shelf solutions for nearly any wireless reception application.

Extending M2M applications into vehicles, Laird makes wireless radio modules for Bluetooth and WiFi, including custom power levels and extended-range versions for OEM, Tier 1, and commercial applications.  Laird is also the leader in integrating radio and I/O functionality with our best-in-class antenna solutions to create smart antennas that can dramatically reduce your application cost and time to market.

As the world leader in EMI solutions, Laird designs board-level shielding for automotive electronic assemblies in head units, control units, computers, displays and many other electronic subsystems.  We provide FoF, FIP, and other gasket solutions for a variety of electronics, modules, bezels in the IP and center slack, center-console and rear-seat displays, as well as a wide range of other custom EMI solutions such as ground contacts.

Using our proprietary material formulations and world-class design and manufacturing capabilities, Laird provides custom EMI suppression solutions using soft ferrite including airbag-connector baluns, multi-hole connecter plates for modules, and many other solutions including signal line board-level suppression components, as well as wound rods for ignition and DC motor RF noise suppression.

The automotive environment is one of the most challenging thermal environments for electronics.  Laird helps Tier 1 designers make reliable products by providing engineered thermal solutions for power controllers, safety systems, lighting systems, and others.  Our thermally-enhanced PCB materials see widespread use in LED lighting and power modules, among other applications.

Using our own thermoelectric modules and assembly capabilities, Laird provides solutions such as all electric rear-seat air conditioning, heated/cooled seats, center-console beverage headers/coolers, as well as commercial solutions such as all-electric air conditioning for over-the-road truck applications.

Many of our facilities are QS-9000/TS-16949 certified to serve the automotive OEM and Tier1 markets around the globe.  We are site-audit approved by multiple OEMs, Tier1, and leading commercial telematics companies in every region of the globe.  Contact us to learn what we can do for your automotive needs. 

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Automotive EMI Shielding – Controlling Automotive Electronic Emissions and Susceptibility with Proper EMI Suppression Methods
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