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Presented is an acquisition timeline, where Laird has acquired industry-leading businesses, companies, and corporations in order to combine these technologies to become the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding, telematics, thermal management, antenna solutions and industrial wireless remote controls for the telecom, datacom, computer, electronics, aerospace, defense, automotive, industrial & instrumentation, medical equipment, mining and railroad industries.

Through strategic acquisitions and divestments during the 90s and early 2000s, we have focused the business into the technology Company it is today.

We serve specialist high growth markets with our broad set of complementary proprietary products, obtaining a competitive edge through technology and customer service allied to a well established, global manufacturing base. We deliver value through innovation.


Today As a focused electronics and technology company operating in specialist high growth markets and with a broad range of proprietary products and strong customer relationships, Laird is well placed for future growth

Laird acquires Microwave Materials Group, a global leader in the development and manufacture of microwave absorbing materials, low-loss dielectrics and electrically conductive shielding materials
Laird acquires Summit Data Communications expanding Laird's presence in the wireless machine-to-machine (M2M) market.

Laird acquires Klüver, a leading designer and supplier of active cooling systems for medical equipment.

Laird acquires Cattron Inc, a leading designer and supplier of wireless control and automation products, systems and aftermarket services for the global industrial, rail and mobile markets.
The Group is reclassified to the Technology Hardware sector of the FTSE indices.

Laird acquires AeroComm, a provider of radio frequency modules enabling Laird to offer full wireless systems capability.
Laird acquires M2Sys in Korea
Laird acquires Cushcraft, a manufacturer of advanced communication antennae.
The Security Systems Division is divested, with the capital to be redeployed into the fast expanding Laird business and approximately £100 million returned to shareholders.
Laird establishes a Corporate Research Laboratory in Bangalore, India.

Wireless communications antennae manufacturer Antenex and RecepTec, a provider of satellite digital radio, GPS and other antennae, are acquired.
New Laird plants open in Shenzhen, Beijing and Tianjin, China and Reynosa, Mexico.
Steward, a signal integrity products business and Coolab, a manufacturer of thermoelectric modules are also acquired.

Laird enters the thermoelectric cooler market in January with the acquisition of Melcor.

Laird acquires thermal interface product manufacturer Thermagon.
Laird also moves into the field of mobile communications antennae with the acquisition of Centurion Wireless Technologies.
Laird Plastics is divested.

Laird divests its computer assembly business
Fullarton and acquires BMI, the market leader in the design and supply of high quality, high precision printed circuit board EMI shields.

R&F Products, a leading supplier of EMI absorber products mainly to the military market, joins Laird.

Instrument Specialties, a leading supplier of electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding products, is acquired.
Laird disposes of its automotive activities.
The Group is reclassified to the Electronic and Electrical Equipment sector of the FTSE indices.


Laird acquires APM, a manufacturer of specialist metal coated textiles used to protect against electromagnetic interference.

Laird develops a range of Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) shields.

Early years

A major restructuring was undertaken by the Industrial Reorganisation Corporation, with the UK Government taking over the shipbuilding business. The Company's 50 per cent equity stake in that business was nationalised in 1977.

The Company changed its name to The Laird Group Limited.

On 4 January Laird PLC was incorporated as Charles Cammell and Company Limited and in 1903 became Cammell Laird & Company Limited.

Cammell Laird was known for its manufacture of Navy ships and submarines (including the HMS Ark Royal).