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At Laird our global values are the foundation for our business strategy and are reflected in every aspect of our work life and processes. We are committed to fostering an environment of mutual respect and integrity and are proud of our organization's global values. We believe we can drive profitable business results through attracting, retaining and leveraging the best talent available and create a culture considered to be one of the best places to work locally and globally.

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Commitment to Global Values

Our fundamental values - Caring, Global Teamwork, Customer Centric, Delivering on Commitments, Continuous Improvement, Bias for Action and Entrepreneurial Spirit are part of everything we do.

Our global values help us embrace who we are and what we stand for as a company and impacts the way we lead our business, interact with one another and service our customers.

Our Commitments

Our interactions with customers, suppliers, and employees are always conducted in an ethical manner, based on honesty, integrity and personal responsibility.

Safety is a priority at Laird. We adhere to all industry standards concerning health, safety and the environment.

Laird is committed to employment practices that respect individuals and comply with all requirements in any country where we conduct business.

As a global organization, we are committed to a diverse workforce and is an Equal Opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, national origin, age, sex, religion, disability, sexual orientation, marital status, veteran status, gender identity or expression, or any other basis protected by local, state, or federal law. This policy applies with regard to all aspects of one's employment, including hiring, transfer, promotion, compensation, eligibility for benefits, and termination.

Why Laird?

As the global leader in providing high quality technological innovative solutions to a variety of industries, Laird is always improving and enhancing these components and systems to industry-leading standards.


Our culture is our competitive advantage. We pride ourself on lack of bureacracy and hierarchy. All employees are part of one large team here to solve complex problems and meet customer needs. We are all in it together from the CEO to our employees on our manufacturing line. People come to Laird and they stay. Our employees are given more opportunities and challenges than they could have imagined and everyone is treated as professionals and experts in their field. We consider ourselves an easy going, approachable and friendly work environment for everyone!

Global Values

Our fundamental values "Caring, Global Teamwork, Customer Centric, Delivering on Commitments, Continuous Improvement, Bias for Action and Entrepreneurial Spirit” are part of everything we do.

They are the foundation for our business strategy and are reflected in every aspect of our work life and processes.


  • Our Company cares about our people. Laird is committed to act with compassion, integrity and honesty in all situations, to listen with respect to others and to value differences. We are also committed to protect the global environment and to enhance the communities where our people live and work.

Global Teamwork

  • All Laird employees are part of a global team, committed to working together throughout the world. Only by sharing ideas, technologies and talents can we achieve and sustain profitable growth.

Customer Centric

  • At Laird, we are passionate about exceeding our customer's expectations. Our culture demands that we are dedicated to maintaining our customer loyalty through providing exceptional products, outstanding customer service and a commitment to being a valued partner.

Delivering on Commitments

  • All Laird employees keep their commitments to our customers, our partners and to each other. We foster and promote a culture of holding each other accountable for delivering on time, all of our commitments. This culture of accountability creates discipline and structure in all that we do and ensures we are delivering on our promises to our customers and stakeholders.

Continuous Improvement

  • Laird is committed to getting better every day, in all it does, as individuals and as teams. By better understanding our customer's expectations and continuously working to innovate and improve products, services and processes, Laird will become the best in all markets we serve.

Bias for Action

  • At Laird we value results. While we expect good judgment and analysis, we are a company with a bias for action and not being encumbered by too much process or bureaucracy. We are constantly balancing the appropriate amount of risk and rewards in all our decisions with the goal of getting things done.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

  • We appreciate the competence of independence, individuality, innovation and creativity. We believe the best ideas and solutions come from all employees at all levels and we do not limit thinking to our individual roles. We reward responsible risk taking and appreciate self starters with innovative thinking to managing and improving our business.


  • At Laird, we realize there is a whole world outside of work, and we endeavor to provide you with programs that help you make the most of it. No matter how your life changes, from getting married to having children to caring for an aging parent, Laird offers resources that protect you and your family, help you ease transitions in trying times, or help you grow both professionally and personally. You will find our benefits to be comprehensive and competitively priced.

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